Monday, January 2, 2012

To Sell or Not To Sell?

I've decided not to do the obligatory Happy New Year post. I guess Christmas is still in my heart, especially since this was our first Christmas with two little sweet boys and since my baby was born on Fourth of July, I wanted to stretch out 2011 for as long as I could. In our house, the stockings are still hung, the tree is still decorated although it's been brown for a month and the garlands are still strung. Why does Christmas always come and go so fast?

I got the Hallmark Keepsake ornament above for $2.75 at a thrift shop in early December. It's a 2010 ornament, so there's a good chance it's brand new. Hallmark Keepsake ornaments are great sellers and this one is no exception. I checked completed listings of this ornament on eBay and I could make a quick $20 if I turned around  and sold it.

But something keeps holding me back. I get the feeling that next year, my two little boys will love this guy. And what's the fun in thrifting if you are only out to make a quick buck? Sometimes it's great to purchase a little something for yourself. Should I give him up or should I keep him? On the first day of 2012, that is the question.

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beckyp said...

I would keep him. He probably isnt going to sell at this time of year