Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bye Bye Maternity Clothes

I finally got something of my to-do list and I'm glad I did because several pieces have already sold. After two kids and no plans to have another one for at least 3-4 years, my maternity clothes went up for sale this week. It turns out maternity is high in demand and it's been selling like hot cakes. Which means, yay, I can buy more clothes that fit me now. Or after I get my dream body from the Insanity 60 day challenge I started yesterday! Here's a few pieces that I've already sold.
Sold for $15

Sold in a matter of hours for $7. Yes, I think I priced it too low.

I didn't wear all maternity brands. This is a Matty M maxi dress from Costco that fit through my whole pregnancy and was a gift from someone. Sold for $24.99.

This one I'm a little nostalgic about. Not a maternity dress, but my husband bought me it because he thinks these Cinnamon Girl dresses look so pretty. They also retail for $90+. It's just not my style anymore. Sold in days for $15, again I should have priced it higher but not a lot of Cinnamon Girl was selling according to the completed listings.

Old Navy Bermuda Shorts sold for $7. Sold in hours too, I could have priced higher but I'm sure I only paid $9-10 for these.
I'm slowly chipping away at the inventory pile, which makes me happy because I want to redecorate the ebay room and seeing piles of stuff to list always diverts my attention. Can't wait to be caught up and try to keep up with the inventory every week, i.e., buy and list, buy and list, instead of buy and store and buy some more. How do you guys keep up?


Rhiannon said...

yay for you! ive sold a couple of things lately but had some bad people who dont pay :-( booo for them! need to get more of my things listed and get my own scale and print my own postage. i think the postman here is ripping me off!

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